Bright Valley Marketing was founded in 2014 with one goal in mind: to help amazing people grow their companies.

The internet is a playground for us. Its potential is immense, especially its ability to connect businesses to their customers. We want to be the liaison between great businesses and their ideal customers. We are internet marketing  experts who truly care.

We are honored to work with inspiring clients. Each year, Bright Valley Marketing is continuing to grow and adding more strategic value for our clients with our expanded services.

We’re determined to make your company become more successful. Let us help you get there faster.


Meet Our Team

Gabriela Covay
Founder / Digital Marketing Strategist / Project Manager

Gabriela Covay
Gabby fell into the online marketing world while helping her parents launch and market their in home childcare center in 2009. The more she learned about Google and potential of the internet, the more she wanted to use her knowledge to help others. Towards the end of 2013, Gabby founded Bright Valley Marketing and has never looked back. She enjoys spending time with her husband and son, as much outdoors as possible.


SEO Strategist

Perrin backs his unique talent for innovative content strategies with more than 10 solid years of SEO experience. His proven expertise includes developing razor-focused keyword research and managing industry-leading blogs. Perrin instinctively understands how to increase traffic and revenue with effective on-page SEO. He specializes in building tactical outreach strategies that elevate organic search engine visibility for every type of online business.


Web Design & Development Manager

joshJosh has spent more than 12 years in the web design & development industry. Since a young age he has been passionate about web and e-commerce technologies. His expertise include platforms such as WordPress, Magento & Shopify. When he’s not selling, designing or developing a website Josh enjoys outdoor time cycling, mountain biking and spending time with his wife and newborn son. He is also an avid traveler and passionate about different world cultures.


PPC Strategist

Dustin has spent more than 10 years in the online marketing world managing his own businesses and overseeing successful client campaigns. His deep professional experience includes SEO, reputation management and other critical areas of digital marketing.

Over the last six years, Dustin has primarily concentrated on PPC campaigns targeted across all platforms from Google and Bing to Facebook and YouTube.


PPC Manager

Eddy grew up in Miami and studied Criminal Justice at Florida International University until his first experience with digital marketing. After that initial success as a PPC analyst for the automotive industry, he’s remained hooked ever since. It’s been an intense four years of immersive experience, and he doesn’t see himself stopping anytime soon.

When Eddy isn’t working on PPC campaigns, he’s an avid foodie. He enjoys experiencing different cuisines from around the world and loves traveling to new destinations. Eddy’s personal goal is to spend time and have dinner in every country on the planet.

Digital PR Strategist


Andrew has worked in the PR industry for over 15 years, having run both national and international campaigns for a wide range of industries. Andrew spearheads our digital PR services, which enable our clients to dominate SEO in 2019 by becoming thought leaders in their niche, and attracting the attention of online media journals – and highly authoritative backlinks.



Lydia is a creative copywriter living in California, soaking up the sunshine whenever she can. Her web writing experience expands across several online publications and non-profit organizations. With a passion and expertise in creative writing, storytelling, editorial work, and digital marketing, Lydia enjoys helping companies boost their brand and find success through content marketing.



Ashley is a lightning-fast copywriter and gifted wordsmith with a solid background in digital marketing. She first entered the field in 2012 while she worked as a midwife with an unpredictable schedule. Trusting her talent, she took the leap and transitioned into life as a full-time copywriter. Ashley especially enjoys the professional creativity and personal freedom that comes with successful copywriting.



Sam is a copywriter and graphic designer with years of experience writing, editing and proofing print and digital content. Her areas of expertise include product descriptions, ad copy, press releases and blogs. Sam’s enthusiasm for her craft is unmatched. She starts every morning with home-brewed cafe mocha and stays sane playing with her overgrown pups, J.R. and Doc.



Office Dog Extraordinaire

In 2014, Danny was a 4-month old wanderer looking a little lost around the west side of Santa Cruz, California. Somehow, the very sweet and lucky dog bumped into Bright Valley Marketing’s team, and the fit was spontaneous. Danny’s office duties include greeting visitors with a handsome dog grin and enthusiastic tail wag. Most importantly, he reminds us all to take breaks, consider naps and have fun working at a job we truly love.

Our Clients’ Results


Average website traffic increase within 6 months


Average social follower gain every year


Average gross profit growth year over year

Want to boost your sales by driving a steady stream of customers to your website? The digital marketing experts at Bright Valley Marketing provide effective solutions designed to ensure your success in this ever-changing digital day and age.

You’re passionate about what your company has to offer the world and want to reach as many people as possible. By leveraging the immense power of online marketing, we help your company stand out on the internet – so more people discover your website, buy your products or services and become your solid client base.


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