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With more than 85% of Americans connected to the Internet, your company’s website is more essential than ever for generating business. Top rankings in search engines guarantee a steady stream of leads coming right to your online doorstep. Do you wonder what’s getting in the way of your website’s search engine rankings?

Given that search engine rankings are based on many constantly evolving factors, it’s crucial to update your website based on the latest search engine developments. If you launched your company website several years ago and haven’t invested in search engine optimization, most likely you’re missing out. Our manual SEO audits help you:


Discover the health of your website

Think of our online marketing experts as your website’s personal physicians; we examine, diagnose and offer recommendations that ensure your site’s best performance – and transform it into your biggest sales tool.

Find out exactly what to do next

Our website SEO audit report contains a wide range of recommendations – from strategic proposals to operational guidance. As a business owner or marketing manager, you enjoy an oversight that reveals informational gaps and allows for a finely tuned SEO strategy that’s truly tailored to your ideal customers. On an operational level, your webmaster receives a comprehensive set of specific, technical SEO improvements ready for immediate application. If you prefer, our teams are happy to implement the recommendations for you. Just let us know!


Easily digest all the information

We know that it can be difficult to grasp online marketing concepts, and that’s why we present our findings in a professional, easy-to-follow format. The report consists of an executive summary and score card as well as specific guidelines and clear recommendations. Each section contains an easy-to-understand explanation. We go over this report with you and offer a follow-up meeting to answer any additional questions you might have.

Why is your website not ranking?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What areas of my website will you analyze?

Depending on your marketing needs, our teams examine, evaluate and offer recommendations covering these vital areas:

  • Keyword focus
  • Title and description meta tags
  • URL structure
  • Google optimization
  • Content quality
  • Errors and broken links
  • Link profile
  • Social media visibility
  • Local presence
How long will it take to receive my report?

Within two weeks of ordering your web audit, you’ll receive our comprehensive report identifying problem areas on your site and offering recommendations for improvement. We’ll be happy to go over the analysis and explain it to you.

What happens after I receive the report?

The next step is up to you. You can hire our teams to implement changes, or we’ll work with your in-house staff and guide them as they put our recommendations into place. We’ll even follow up and reassess your site’s progress at no charge.

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