Google Adwords Management Services

As the power of AdWords grows, so does your need to put this critical resource to work for you. That’s what we do here at Bright Valley with expert PPC AdWords management tailored to your online business.

Google makes money through AdWords, not SEO. We know how to leverage their revenue platform into a marketing strategy and digital bridge directing motivated customers to your site. Our customized pay-per-click management services keep you at the top of search pages with a visibility that elevates you above organic search results.

You want the very best, hardest working PPC service providers available. That makes us your team for:


Fast, Dependable Results

The results of our highly focused Google AdWords strategies are almost instantaneous. We dig deep into understanding your unique products, services, selling points and marketing targets. We make sure your dependably converting ads are published by Google in the blink of an eye.


Impressive ROI

For every dollar you spend on our PPC services, you know exactly how well the investment pays off. We’re so sure our pay-per-click management services deliver an impressive ROI that we bow out if we can’t satisfy your expectations.


Data Driven Transparency

We develop detailed monthly reports tracking the data that drives your PPC results. You know how and why your PPC campaign is successful and how well our Google AdWords management company serves your business.

Are you losing money on Adwords?

We’ll analyze your PPC account and provide recommendations – all for free.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I already have a good SEO marketing strategy. Do I still need to generate PPC ads?

Yes! PPC platforms provide excellent insights for improving SEO. For example, we analyze search terms that bring up your ad and use that data to modify your site’s content. You hit the top of the page both organically and with PPC ads that position you to dominate the competition.

I'm having trouble converting leads into paying customers. What can I do?

We excel at driving traffic to your site, but the final conversion is up to you and your sales team. If your site, contact form and information aren’t converting interest into customers, we recommend reaching out to a business consultant who specializes in your field.

What makes Bright Valley different from other PPC service providers?

You’re our number one priority. We value your input and welcome your ideas. We always address your concerns and answer your questions. We’re different because our team works around the clock doing all we can to maximize the effectiveness of your PPC ad campaign, and we inform you of great opportunities to improve your business beyond Adwords.

Do you offer remarketing services?

Absolutely! We believe in, understand and know how to harness the power of both organic searches and display ads. We assess performance, identify best results and help you make the most of every visit to your site. Our remarketing services make sure you re-target and re-engage motivated customers.

Can you help me with Bing advertising?

Yes! Bing’s search market share continues to grow, and that opens up even more PPC opportunities for your business. We can integrate Bing PPC services into your current online marketing and ensure your site benefits from a powerful platform that other online businesses often overlook.

I'm not happy with my current PPC AdWords management service. What can I do?

We offer detailed, and absolutely free PPC audits that assess click-through rates, conversions, keywords, settings, ads and more. Our expert analysis shows you exactly where your current PPC marketing falls short. You use that information to make a decision on whether to continue with your service or make a change and enjoy working with us.

If I choose Bright Valley, what kind of commitment am I making?

We believe so strongly in our capabilities that we’re willing to take care of you on a month-to-month basis. You’re never locked into a long-term commitment. We hate contracts! If you decided to forgo our services, just let us know 30 days in advance. None of our clients have ever opted out, so we stand by this policy with confidence.

Can you put me in touch with some of those clients?

Over the years, we’ve worked with all kinds of businesses and established a solid track record across a wide range of industries. It’s our pleasure to provide client referrals on request.